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I Gave My Cat The Best Birthday Party Ever

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My cat Ponette turned 15 this year, and to celebrate, we threw her a cat quinceanera birthday party. I brought Ponette home on Sep. 2, 2000. Someone listed her in the local newspaper saying that she was found with her sister and if no one could adopted them, that they would be taken to the local shelter (a very high-kill shelter). I went to visit and at first connected with her sister, who then ran away in the house and disappeared. Ponette, was sitting quietly in a cat tree behind me, staring at me the whole time, and when I turned around in that moment, I knew we were meant to be together. I brought her home in a Quaker State oil box and the rest is history.

Now my darling baby girl is 15 - what an accomplishment. She has been by my side through ups and downs, and thick and thin ... always loving, loyal, supportive and there when you need some fur to cry on. Ponette has really come into her own over the past few years and her personality continues to blossom!

Ponette's dress was custom designed and hand made by me, her mother. I researched dresses for months before jumping into the sewing insanity of designing and sewing a lettuce-ruffled organza cat dress. I made her a matching necklace and my mother bought her a sparkly tiara. What a little princess!

I'm very grateful for Ponette and throwing her a fun, memorable party was the very least I could do to show her how much she is loved!

Here are some of my favorite photos from her big day: