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Humpback Whales Spotted Surfing In Hawaii

Surfers and bodyboarders posted along Banzai Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu were met with some unexpected company over the weekend as a mother humpback whale and her calf dropped in to catch a few waves.

The rare scene was caught on camera by JT Gray, owner of North Shore Photos.

"The whales were playing to the east of the line up about 100 yards away and eventually swam over towards the line up and came within about 10 yards from the surfers," JT tells the Dodo.

"Everyone on the beach was excited, one lifeguard mentioned never seeing this before. We see a lot of humpbacks during the winter months but never that close to shore. Was truly an amazing site to see."

While it's unclear if the animals arrived so close to shore by mistake, or if they had done so intentionally for their own amusement, it wouldn't be the first time whales have been seen simply having a good time riding the waves.