Here Are 4 Ways You Can Actually Help Lions Like Cecil

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<p> Shutterstock </p>

The world's in an uproar over the death of Cecil the lion. But while most of the response has been directed at anger toward the hunter who killed him, a Minnesota dentist who's now in hiding, there are tens of thousands of lions who are still alive - and need our help.

If you'd like to do some good in Cecil's memory, and help lions and other animals like them, here's how.

  • Oxford University Wildlife Conservation Research Unit: WildCRU was the group tracking Cecil when he was killed; his tracking collar was removed and hidden by the hunters who killed him. WildCru focuses on conservation research across the globe, working with animals from lions to badgers to crayfish. Click here to donate. (U.S. donors only; select WildCRU from the drop-down preference menu. For donations from other countries, click here.)
    • Big Cat Rescue: You might think of Africa when you think of big cats, but there are a surprising number of them in the U.S. as well; in fact, there are more tigers in captivity than there are left in the wild. This Florida-based rescue works to promote the welfare of big cats in the wild, while providing a home to those who have fallen victim to the exotic pet trade. Click here to donate.