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How Rosie Got Her Fur (And Groove) Back

Of all the things Rosie lost in her short life, fur may have been the least of her worries.

She had, after all, been abandoned and left to the grim reality of Miami-Dade Animal Services.

But a dog without fur - she suffered from a non-contagious form of mange - is not the stuff adoption dreams are made of. In fact, it may have sealed her fate in a place where unwanted dogs are dropped off by the dozen - and the end of a needle isn't too far away.

In spite of the staggering odds against her, Rosie managed to get her groove back. And, indeed, her fur. It began with an intervention from Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue, a Florida-based rescue organization that steps in for what are seen as "no-chance" dogs.

In foster care, Rosie proved to be all heart. The organization describes her as a "social butterfly" on its Facebook page, and a lover of both cats and dogs alike.

Not to mention children.

It didn't take long for Rosie's mange to fade, as a healthy, downy coat began to grow.

So, too, did the 50-pound charmer's irrepressible personality. And her odds of finding a real home.

Think you can bring her home? If you would like to adopt Rosie or make a donation to help dogs like her, visit the website for Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue.