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Here's The Incredible Way Hungry Humpback Whales Work Together To Feed

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It should come as no surprise that, as some of the largest animals on the planet, humpback whales have a whale-sized appetite to boot. In fact, to meet their energy needs, whales chow down on as many as 1,500,000 calories every day - roughly the same an adult human might consume in a little over two years.


But as mind-boggling as that fact is, the way that humpback whales go about getting their fill is even more amazing. Instead of shying away from their equally hungry humpback friends in hopes of finding a meal for themselves, these amazing animals actually team up to make eating a little easier for everyone.


Despite their massive size (they weigh in at around 50 tons), humpbacks mostly eat tiny shrimp-like organisms called krill, as well as other small fish. Since even the slightest of movements in pursuit of food can be costly in terms of energy expenditures, they must make the most out of every bite.


Humpbacks have perfected a hunting technique known as "bubble net" feeding to help make the most of every gulp. Working as a group, a pod of whales will encircle an amorphous school of krill or fish, releasing air as they move through the water to create an impassable "net." With the krill now condensed, the group lunges toward the surface with their mouths agape, scooping up as much of the tasty prey as they can.


While observing this feeding technique from the surface is certainly impressive, Vimeo user AkXpro recently uploaded footage of whales "bubble net" feeding from an aerial drone - putting the complex, synchronized behavior on full display.

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