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How Facebook Can Help Save The World’s Most Endangered Dolphin

After news broke of the plight of endangered Maui's dolphin, a new Facebook app is raising awareness for the species, which only has 55 individuals left, and only 15 breeding females.

The app, created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), has a curious way of showing species loss -- by relating it to your own Facebook friends. It looks through your friends and slashes a big black line through their names until you're left with just 55.

The app is part of a campaign by WWF to save the species, which is threatened by drift net fishing and trawling.

"Maui's are the rarest marine dolphins in the world; they only exist on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand," says WWF New Zealand executive director Chris Howe. "We have an obligation to the world to do everything we can to save them."

You can learn more about the campaign and how to help Maui's dolphins here.