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18 Horses You Can't Believe Are Even Real

<p> Reddit: SamaSabir </p>

Hint: there's lots of majestic hair involved.

1. This curly-coated cutie.

2. A big canine cuddler.

3. The most ~*FABULOUS*~ mane of hair ever.

4. The newborn who needed a teddy bear.

5. The Cat Whisperer.

6. This devoted follower.


7. This epic horse who's a little bit intimidating ...

8. This gent who insists on having a bedtime story.

9. These sunbathing beach babes.

10. This horse who's making new friends.

11. This guy who's not sure what to think of the new "horses" ...

12. The horse who can't contain his love of snow.

13. These optical illusions.

14. This horse who just wants to smooch cats ...

15. ... And dogs.

16. This hoofed pair who are thinking of buying some property.

17. The free-spirited photobomber.

Reddit: vulcanstormtrooper | Reddit: vulcanstormtrooper

18. This horse who's pretty much livin' the life.