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Very Lucky Animals Get The COOLEST Haircuts

Some animals need a trim every now and again to stay cool - and one business is helping them look way cool, too.

JMC Custom Clipping is a business in England that gives horses a much-needed haircut while also giving them beautiful designs to dazzle onlookers as they gallop by. It seems like a strange concept at first, but the results are truly amazing.

Clipping is beneficial to horses for keeping them cool and helping them to prevent getting matted. All of the designs are done freehand, with no stencils involved, making the art that much more incredible. This particular design is called "The Armor Of Love."

The artist has a lot of passion for her work - not only for the designs she creates but also for the horses she gets to meet and work with along the way.

The whole concept is such a unique way to show off how magnificent these horses really are, and we can only hope there will be many, many more incredible designs like these in the future.

To see more of these incredible photos, you can visit the JMC Facebook page.