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People Get Creative To Save Horse Stuck In A Well

It took a village to rescue Daisy, a friendly draft horse who found herself in a tight situation last week. Daisy's family got worried when she didn't show up for her feeding at their farm near Saskatoon, Canada.

So they went looking for Daisy and found her ... halfway down a well. Daisy had slipped and fallen into the hidden hole, and with her back legs trapped, she couldn't get out again.

Daisy's family frantically called in a towing company, a local veterinarian and their neighbors for help. It took hours to get Daisy safely out of the hole, but the entire crowd was relieved when she was finally free.

The towing company who helped get her out posted an excited update on its Facebook page, "Such an amazing rescue last night and Daisy is doing fine today." The tow truck's owner told CBC that Daisy was the third horse rescue he'd seen in 30 years.

Daisy's a little stiff, but making a full recovery from her time in the hole. Watch the whole video of the rescue here: