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Horse Sees A Bird And Becomes A Dancing Machine

When a crane landed in a horse's pasture in Florida last week, things heated up in a hurry.

The animals may hail from very different backgrounds - Sandhill cranes travel in flocks as large as 10,000 birds, while soaring at extraordinary altitudes.

And horses like Bandit here? Well, they like to keep their hooves on the ground.

That didn't stop this duo from hitting it off famously.

So famously, in fact, that Bandit's owner, Vickie Smith, posted dozens of images of their entrancing encounter to Facebook.

The only question, of course, was who would take home the title?

While the crane took a little longer to warm up, there was no denying her epic poise.

But this was Rascal's home turf.

Break it down, Rascal.

And, as every impromptu dance-off in a field should end, this one closed with much mutual respect and admiration.

Here's hoping this crane drops by more often.