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Unexpected Act Of Kindness Leaves Animal Rescue Group Stunned

At no point is the warmth of human kindness needed more keenly than in winter.

Especially a Canadian winter.

During Ontario's recent cold snap, an animal refuge sent a plea to its supporters for a little bit of that warmth.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, in addition to the hundreds of dogs it saves every year, is also home to 70 horses.

The organization expected to receive enough donations to buy two or three blankets.

Instead, it found itself amid a stampede of human kindness.

Enough donations came in to buy a blanket for every single one of those 70 horses. The group even received extra blankets for newcomers.

The stunning outpouring of support prompted the group to write this on its Facebook page:

"Running a rescue can be exhausting at times, and it can be easy to feel alone, but your overwhelming support and encouragement stands as testament to the fact that we can achieve more when we work together."

Words to warm the soul.

Dog Tales, which sprawls across 50 acres of fields and woods in King City, Ontario, is home to scores of neglected and abused animals.

Feel like giving them a hand? Visit its website for volunteer opportunities. Or make a donation!