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Hysterical New 'Toy' Reveals The Truth About Factory Farming

<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNEafgwA2FY">YouTube/Compassion in World Farming</a><span></span></p>

The United Kingdom: famous for satire for hundreds of years, counting such famed wiseasses as Geoffrey Chaucer, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and modern-day animal lover Ricky Gervais among their vast, scathingly reserved and bitingly funny ranks.

Now, a new "toy" that seeks to tell the true story of farming in our time joins the tradition.

YOUR FARM - The Honest Farm Toy, brought to you by the U.K.'s Compassion in World Farming, seeks to tell the honest story about agribusiness in our age.

Rather than furthering the idea that farms are composed of herds of animals roaming picturesquely in fields, YOUR FARM comes neatly contained in a little barn-box with a whole bunch of animals stuffed inside.

You can even add more antibiotics to your sick and suffering animals, cramped in crates so small they can't even turn around!

"Now, turn your animals into cheap food!" the video's stoked voice-over shouts.

The hilarious video tells a grave truth. "Each year, 50 billion farm animals are processed in 'animal sweatshops' known as factory farms," the organization wrote in a release. "But it's not a well-known fact. So we've created YOUR FARM – The Honest Farm Toy to show what life is really like down on the farm."

And the video about the toy is not all. You can play an online game showing how farming today really works.