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Homeless Pets Get To Stay With The People Who Love Them Most

Dogs can be endless sources of love and companionship to anyone willing to properly care for them and give them compassion.

That's the belief held by the team at My Dog Eats First, an organization in Louisville, Kentucky, that provides food, supplies and basic vaccinations for dogs who live with homeless individuals and families.

"Everyone deserves someone that makes them look forward to tomorrow," the organization's mission statement reads.

My Dog Eats First strives to help those individuals "who are committed to the health and wellness of their pets and desire to keep them."

One of those folks is Shawn Harmon. Between struggling with homelessness and having bipolar disorder, Harmon has had a difficult time finding steady employment. One source of unconditional love for Harmon has been his dog Tucker, with whom he's photographed below.

If you have any doubts about how much the two care for each other, take a look at this video below of Harmon and Tucker being reunited after they had lost each other for nearly a month. (The circumstances around their separation are unclear.)

Tucker's tail wags eagerly as he licks Harmon's face. From the video alone, it's clear the two share a unique bond and love for one another. These are the relationships My Dog Eats First believes are worth saving.

Harmon and Tucker made national headlines earlier this year after a recent snow storm in Kentucky. When a woman took off her coat to give to Harmon, he immediately wrapped it around Tucker.

The cold didn't bother Harmon, who actually said he enjoyed the winter weather. "It just seems a little better when it's snowing," Harmon told the Associated Press, "a little warmer, even though it's not."

The efforts of My Dog Eats First aren't just about helping dogs and their owners stay together - the organization also works to reduce "the amount of healthy pets surrendered to shelters because of financial burden" and save "healthy pets from unnecessary euthanasia by keeping them with their families," according to its website.

My Dog Eats First depends entirely upon food and monetary donations. If you'd like to support its efforts, you can access My Dog Eats First's donation page here.