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Homeless Man's Desperate Pleas For His Dog Are Answered

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As the weather starts to get colder, many homeless men and women are forced to make an unthinkable choice - give up their beloved pets and have a warm bed for the winter, or brave the cold together. Timothy Lucas, of West Lafayette, Indiana, has been trying to find a middle ground for his treasured pup, Moe.



Lucas was offered a place to stay in Lafayette Transitional Housing Center - but the shelter doesn't allow dogs. So he pleaded for someone in the community to help care for Moe temporarily while he gets back on his feet this winter.

"As long as I know it's just for awhile and that he's safe ... and we'd be back together, that gives us hope," Lucas told local outlet WLFI. He choked back tears as he described his relationship with Moe.



Lucas's story is not an uncommon one - many homeless men and women give up everything to care for their pets. That's why programs that provide support for homeless pets and their owners are so crucial.

Thankfully there's a happy ending to Lucas and Moe's story - after their plea aired on the news, offers to house Moe poured in from around the country. Moe found a great foster home in West Lafayette, near where his dad will be staying. In addition to offers from fosters, a number of local companies have offered Lucas jobs, WFLI reports.

Moe and his dad may be back together faster than they thought.

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