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Rescuers Knew There Was A Loving Dog Beneath This Anxious Pile Of Fur

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When Hope For Paws, a rescue organization in California, first found this dog living on the streets, they weren't even able to tell if the dog was a girl or a boy because of how severely matted the poor pup was.

The pup seemed to have been alone for a while, having no idea what it was like to be loved. When rescuers got out a leash, the dog completely freaked out.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

This poor pup was just so afraid of being hurt again ... until one of the rescuers said "No one is ever going to hurt you again." Suddenly, the dog's whole demeanor changed.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

They were able to get a leash around the dog and determine that she's a girl. When one of the rescuers began to pet her, it was clear that she knew what she had wished for for so long had come true: she was finally safe.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

She was given the name Dolly, and quickly taken to the groomers to undergo one of the craziest transformations ever.

Dolly was one of the worst cases of matting that Hope For Paws had ever seen, and it took quite a while to get her all cleaned up ...

YouTube/Hope For Paws

... and the difference is truly shocking. Dolly really is a completely different dog now.

Dolly found a forever home through The Forgotten Dog Foundation, and she is now nothing like the dog that Hope For Paws originally found on the streets - both in looks and personality.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

Dolly has so much love to give, and thanks to her rescuers, she now has a family to give it to.

Check out the full video of Dolly's rescue below: