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Homeless Dog Scared Of People — Until He Shows Up Covered In Quills

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A stray dog began stopping by one woman's house, begging for food from a distance, not really wanting to be near people ... until one day he showed up covered in porcupine quills.

The dog, now affectionately named Piney, had absolutely no trust in people when he was found, and only allowed himself to be saved because he couldn't eat or sleep from the pain of the porcupine quills. Sitting in his cage at the vet's office, Piney looked utterly defeated, and didn't even try to move when his cage door was opened.

YouTube/Vet Ranch | YouTube/Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch, a non-profit organization in Texas, took Piney in to try and remove all of the porcupine quills. There were tons of them. Piney and a porcupine must have gotten into a serious disagreement!

YouTube/Vet Ranch | YouTube/Vet Ranch

Dr. Matt, one of the vets with Vet Ranch, fixed Piney up, but a lot of the dog's trust issues were still present. Even when Dr. Matt would try to touch Piney, he would instantly flinch, showing how uncomfortable and afraid he was.

YouTube/Vet Ranch | YouTube/Vet Ranch

After realizing that all his quills were gone though, and that Dr. Matt and other humans just wanted to feed and love him, Piney miraculously began to warm up to Dr. Matt - and even got close enough for a cuddle.

YouTube/Vet Ranch | YouTube/Vet Ranch

Piney came to Vet Ranch injured and terrified, and while he still has a long way to go, he now is on his way to understanding that all the humans really want is to save him - and to love him.

YouTube/Vet Ranch | YouTube/Vet Ranch

Check out the full video of Piney's rescue below:

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