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Hollywood Sets Sights On Raju The Weeping Elephant

<p>Photo: Wildlife SOS</p>

Raju the elephant has become famous as the elephant who wept (maybe?) upon his liberation from the chains that had held him for 50 years. Emaciated and scarred, Raju was able to begin his life anew with the help of the UK-based animal charity Wildlife SOS.

(Photo: Wildlife SOS)

Raju's progress was already apparent within a few weeks at his new home and he was well on his way to recovery.

(Ben Guarino)

But the moving story of this elephant's transformation doesn't end there. Hollywood producer Larry Brezner has just acquired the screen rights to Raju's story, and is intent on creating a film which depicts the elephant's journey to freedom. Brezner will be teaming up with Vijay Amritraj, the famous tennis-player-turned-actor, and his son Prakash Armritraj.

According to Deadline, the movie's story will center around Kartick Satyanarayan, the head of the Wildlife SOS Center in India, and Nikki Sharp, head of the Wildlife SOS Foundation globally. There are apparently no other names attached to film as of yet, and no details of cast or crew.

Brezner's previous producer credits are primarily comedies geared toward adult audiences, such as "Good Morning, Vietnam," "Freddy Got Fingered" and "Sorority Boys." A foray into heartwarming animal flicks will certainly be an unusual change of pace for Brezner, but could no doubt be successful among both western and international audiences.

The news of this potential film brings up the question of whether or not an actual elephant would play the part of Raju, as other productions are opting to use CGI in place of live animals.

Raju's former owner is currently fighting to regain ownership, stating that the elephant is his legal property. Raju's fate will be decided during the first hearing in this court case on Sept. 4, in Allahabad.