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Heroic Diver Does Not Hesitate To Save Struggling Shark

<p> sniper2mars / Youtube </p>

During a marine expedition along the Mexican coast, divers spotted a whale shark in poor shape. He was caught up in a boat rope so tightly attached, it was digging into its skin.

Photo: sniper2mars / Youtube

The divers slowly approached the animal to try and cut the rope with a knife and free the poor fish.

Regardless of the 15 centimeter (approx. 6 inch) thick skin whale sharks use as shields, the rope left impressive marks once removed. The animal was able to swim away with only the right pectoral fin damaged and a few scratches and bruises.

Photo: sniper2mars / Youtube

Unfortunately this isn't an uncommon situation. Ropes and nets often block the fins of fish and cetaceans, preventing them from moving freely and plastic bags get eaten by marine animals. Not all stories end as well as this one.