Hero Pit Bull Saves Kidnapped Woman By Biting His Owner -- The Kidnapper


It's true that dogs are "man's best friend" -- but not when man becomes violent and tries to brutally attack a woman he's taken hostage. New Mexico man Gabriel Garcia, who allegedly kidnapped, threatened and assaulted a woman he met at a party, learned the hard way just what happens when one tries to use a dog for evil. When Garcia ordered his pit bull to bite the victim he had manipulatively trapped inside his house, the dog turned around and bit Garcia instead.

Unfortunately, the dog's actions merely enraged Garcia more and put the woman in greater danger. Thankfully, she was able to escape and call 9-1-1, leaving Garcia bleeding from his upper arm until he was taken into custody and provided with treatment for the dog bite. The lesson learned from all of this: don't attack women, but definitely don't try to attack them with your pit bull.

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