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Here's How You Can Help Wild Animals Stranded By Hurricane Matthew

So many babies need bottles.

Hurricane Matthew, the deadly storm that hit the Caribbean hard and moved up to ravage the coast of the southeastern U.S., has finally dissipated.

As people return to their homes and survey the destruction, many wild animals swept away by the storm are struggling to survive.

Luckily, the people at Pine Tree Hill Wildlife Care & Exotic Rescue in Camden, South Carolina, are just some of the kind human beings working to save the lives of animals who were washed away from their nests and families during the storm.

Last week, as winds picked up and waters rose, the animals started to come in. Many of them were baby squirrels, some too young to even open their eyes.

Rescuers juggled feeding the hungry baby animals while admitting new patients and preparing for a potential loss of power or damage to the facility.

The baby animals were soaking wet, hypothermic and in need of immediate medical care, according to one update.

Because Pine Tree Hill is farther inland than some areas, people there coordinated transport of animals from the harder hit coastal areas.

Wildlife rehabilitators typically use a special formula for baby animals separated from their mothers, as well as special syringes for feeding them.

The influx of animals displaced by the hurricane means they need a whole lot of these supplies.

You can help by purchasing much needed items on the organization's Amazon wish list.

Or you can find a wildlife rehabilitation center near you using this directory, to see how you can pitch in.

Are you a wildlife rehabilitator helping animals after Hurricane Matthew and want to share your stories and photos of animals you're helping? Contact sarahv@thedodo.com.