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Here's How To Help Animals Affected By Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia hit Mexico on Saturday. Though the record-breaking storm did less damage than expected, the 165 mph winds destroyed thousands of homes, leaving people - and their pets - with nowhere to go.

While there are many on-the-ground groups working to help the people affected by the hurricane, animals have their own set of needs. If you'd like to help Mexico's animals get back on their feet, here's how you can make a difference.

  • World Animal Protection (WAP): WAP will be evaluating the hurricane's damage and working with local authorities to fund food, water and veterinary assistance. Donate here.
  • Humane Society International (HSI): HSI is on standby and is prepared to deploy a team if needed as more information comes in. Each year, HSI responds to disasters around the world, working with governments and local welfare groups to provide shelter, reunite pets with owners, and help as needed. Donate here.
  • Huellas Adopciones: This local rescue group was right in the storm's path; its buildings were damaged and the room where they keep animals' food was flooded. To help, you can make a contribution to Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare, which is currently raising money for groups like Huellas Adopciones. Donate here.