This Hospital Is Completely Overrun With Hedgehogs

It's so hot outside they haven't been able to hibernate.

An animal hospital in England is being totally overrun with adorable wild hedgehogs - and it's actually a big problem.

Every year, St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital helps thousands of sick and injured wild animals and releases them back into the wild. At the beginning of winter, the hospital normally sees an influx of hedgehogs. But this hedgehog season has seen double what's considered normal.

The hospital has had more than 1,000 hedgehogs admitted since October.

Staffers at the animal hospital believe that the unusually warm temperatures are keeping hedgehogs from going into hibernation, so they are found looking around for food during the daytime. Because the animals are nocturnal, it's actually a bad sign to see them in daylight.

This past September was England's hottest in over 100 years. Worldwide, it's thought that 2016 will end up being the hottest year ever on record.

St. Tiggywinkles is encouraging members of the public to contact their local wildlife rescue organizations if they see a hedgehog rummaging for food, particularly if the animal seems especially small, since hedgehogs who weigh under 21 ounces can't survive hibernation.

The hospital has already brought in 60 extra cages for the hedgehogs, and may need to bring in extra volunteers to help.

If you aren't local, you can still help the animal hospital by buying supplies, like towels for the hedgehog cages, from its wish list.