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Hedgehog Curls Up Into A Ball ... And Gets A Little Stuck

Pippin the hedgehog was happily curled into a ball and decided to uncurl himself when he realized ... he couldn't.

YouTube/Pippin The Hedgehog

Somehow, the little hedgehog had gotten himself stuck, and was having a LOT of trouble trying to roll over again.

He wiggled and stretched and scooted and flailed ...

YouTube/Pippin The Hedgehog

... to no avail, until FINALLY, he was able to slowly roll over, uncurling as he went.

YouTube/Pippin The Hedgehog

Pippin's parents watched the whole ordeal and couldn't help but giggle. Because let's face it - it was pretty much the cutest (and most ridiculous) thing ever.

Watch the full video of Pippin trying to uncurl himself below:

Before welcoming a hedgehog into your family, make you know how to care for them and the laws around keeping one. If you do decide to adopt a hedgehog, there are many rescue organizations with hedgehogs who need loving forever homes.