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Heartbreaking Photos Show Dogs Waiting For Fallen Canadian Guard To Come Home

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As people across Canada continue to mourn the tragic death of Nathan Cirillo, the guard who was shot and killed at his post in front of Canada's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa, it's clear that they are not alone in their grief.

Folks arriving to pay their respects at the fallen soldier's home, creating a makeshift memorial of flowers and flags, encountered the confused faces of two creatures for whom Cirillo meant the world - his dogs, peeking out from underneath the fence waiting for him to return.

Cirillo, who his friends and family described as "a beautiful soul" and a loving father, was a lover of animals as well. He adopted both his canines, Jagger and Kaya, as rescue dogs, and used his Instagram account to help other needy dogs find new homes.

On his Facebook page, his deep affection for his pets has been preserved in the many photos he shared of them in happier times.

(Facebook/Nathan Cirillo)
(Facebook/Nathan Cirillo)