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Monkey Runs After Kidnapped Friend As Others Watch In Terror

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One can only imagine the horror a group of friends felt when one of them was dragged into the back of a car.

YouTube/Dani Channel

The incident happened in Mumbai, where four men were filmed dragging a monkey by his arm across the pavement while his friends and family watched, some leaping over to try to stop the nightmare.

YouTube/Dani Channel

The footage shows the terrified group looking on helplessly as their loved one is shut inside the trunk.

One monkey desperately runs after the car as it speeds away.

YouTube/Dani Channel

Luckily, the secretly filmed video went viral, and animal advocates urged local authorities to pursue the kidnappers and ensure the monkey's safety. PETA reported the incident, and 10 days after the monkey was torn from his family, the four alleged culprits were caught and are in custody.

After the traumatizing incident, the monkey is being cared for by forest authorities, but animal advocates are urging that he be returned as soon as possible to his family.

"This terrified monkey has already suffered greatly from the trauma of being stolen from family members and needs to be re-united with them immediately," PETA campaign strategist Nikunj Sharma said in a statement provided to The Dodo. "PETA commends the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau and the Maharashtra Forest Department for quickly stepping into action, nabbing the alleged culprits and rescuing the monkey."

PETA wrote that it hopes the justice system will determine whether these men are part of an illegal wildlife trade that sells monkeys for pets or entertainment. It's not uncommon for wild animals like monkeys to be sold into the wildlife trade to become exotic pets or performers.

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Watch the full footage of the kidnapping here: