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'Happy' Rescue Elephants Get Down To Pharrell's Beats In Thai Sanctuary

At Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, elephants are provided with a safe space for rescue and rehabilitation - and even enrichment. The elephants have a blast playing with their toys and rolling in the mud, as well as interacting with other species.

Yesterday the Elephant Nature Park released a video compilation of the playful pachyderms having fun with their tire toys and athletic gear, interlaced with footage of the other species taking sanctuary at the park. The clips were set to the infectious and upbeat "Happy," by Pharrell Williams, to support the park's belief that "all animals can live HAPPY together."

Tires can be pretty entertaining toys ...

... And sometimes they even make for comfy lounging cushions!

In their spare time, elephants like to occasionally work on their soccer skills.

Cameras are by far the most fascinating toy of all, though!

Watch the full montage below to revel in the joy of playful elephants, and witness a variety of species coexisting peacefully at the park: