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Hamster Who Waited 2 Years For A Home Gets Her First Blanket

"It warmed my heart to see her so comfy and happy."

Chibi was born in a pet store two years ago. The sweet little hamster waited and waited for someone to come and take her home, but no one ever did. She only knew life inside her tiny cage, and nothing else.

Leann Duris

One of the store employees felt bad for poor Chibi, and always made sure to give her extra care and attention. She desperately wanted to help her find a home, but it was proving difficult, as older animals are often overlooked. So when a woman came into the pet store who seemed like she would be the perfect hamster mom, the employee immediately introduced her to Chibi.

"She was always treated very well and I could tell the employee put a lot of trust in me. She cared a lot about Chibi," Leann Duris, Chibi's new mom, told The Dodo. "I was sold right away and took her home with me."

Leann Duris

Chibi had never lived in a home before, and so every little thing was a first for her. When her mom put her on her bed for the first time, Chibi was shocked by how soft the blankets were, and simply couldn't get enough.

Leann Duris

"She started running around on the blanket, rolling in it and digging in it," Duris said. "She seemed very excited. It wasn't long until she started nestling in all kinds of positions. It warmed my heart to see her so comfy and happy."

Leann Duris

Warm, comfy blankets aren't the only new thing that Chibi gets to experience in her new home. She has cat siblings to play with, a mom to carry her around everywhere and so much space to run and play.

"She isn't used to being able to run around much, and has some balance problems while racing around so she occasionally falls over," Duris said. "Although that won't stop her - she keeps jumping up and continuing on every time!"

Leann Duris

Chibi's mom is in the process of getting her a large enclosure to live in instead of a small cage, and plans to fill it with all the soft things Chibi could ever want. After waiting so long for a home, Chibi deserves every luxury, and her new mom is happy to give them to her.

Leann Duris

"She is incredibly sweet and social," Duris said. "She has no mean bone in her body."

Animals in pet stores aren't normally treated very well, and it's always best to support rescues when possible. If you'd like to adopt a pet of your own, you can check out Adopt-a-Pet.com to get started.

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