Hamster Is Best Friends With A Dog ... And A Cat

He even shares their food.

This family has eight dogs and a cat who love hanging out together and going on crazy adventures.

With such a big family, there's always someone to hang out with - and even their tiny hamster seems to fit in just fine.

The hamster is SO much smaller than the rest of his dog and cat siblings, but that doesn't stop him from cuddling and hanging out with them, like he's just part of the squad.

Even the cat loves to cuddle with the little guy ...

... and shares her food with him on occasion, too. What a brave hamster!

The Yuta family is pretty much the goofiest animal family around ...

... and the hamster isn't at all afraid to get in on the fun.

Most of all, though, they love to cuddle and show love to each other ...

... and their hamster brother isn't shy about taking part in that, either.