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Naked Rat Sisters Were Thrown In The Trash Because Someone Didn't Want Them

"These girls are so amazing. It makes it harder to understand why anyone would dump them."

Two naked rats were discovered by a dumpster in Michigan City, Indiana, apparently thrown out with the trash.

It's largely a mystery why the sisters were dumped this way, but it's possible they were left because they were female.

"A lot of times people will discard the females and keep males," Peggy McCoy, of Rescued Rat Adoptions, an organization that helps rescue and rehome unwanted pet rats in Indiana, told The Dodo.

"Females are the ones who can be pregnant, and since they can have up to 20 babies people will get rid of them," McCoy said, adding that she has rescued dozens of rats who have been dumped outside because people think they can fend for themselves. "It is a major problem people think rats can live in the wild since their cousins can but these are pets and they don't have the natural instincts taught by mom in the wild."

The sisters were picked up by the city police department and taken to animal control.

Their fate hung in the balance until McCoy called and offered to take them off the shelter's hands.

McCoy brought the pair to her rat rescue and gave them a larger cage with fresh wood chips where they could play together.

It's pretty unusual for the rescue to get naked rats who need homes - hairless rats are actually pretty popular as pets, "since they are different," McCoy explained. "We see far fewer naked rats in the rescue than we do the others."

McCoy has also noticed that both rats are very sweet, not mean at all, which makes it even harder to understand why someone could abandon them.

McCoy is making up for their plight, giving the sisters a lot of attention - while also keeping an eye on them closely for a very important reason. It's possible one or both of them could be pregnant.

"You always assume they can be," McCoy explained. "If we can catch a heat cycle, then we know they are not pregnant but that hits every five days."

"I have to watch them for pregnancy for 3 weeks and fatten them up a bit," McCoy said. "Then they will be ready for adoption ... They are such sweeties, too."

And McCoy seems as happy as the sisters are that they are safe at the rescue.

"A well balanced person has a rat on each shoulder," McCoy wrote on the rescue's Facebook page, posing with the newly rescued rats.

"These girls are so amazing," McCoy said. "It makes it harder to understand why anyone would dump them."

If you are interested in adopting these naked rat sisters, or any of the other rats saved by McCoy, you can contact the rescue at adoptions@rescuedratadoptions.com.