Woman Who Bragged About Killing Tiger Gets Publicly Shamed

She shot a tiger and bragged about it on Facebook, so tech-savvy animal lovers struck back.

A splinter group of the hacker - or "hacktivist" - group known just as Anonymous didn't let a woman get away with posting a gruesome photo of the tiger she'd just shot dead.

According to The Mirror, the woman posted the bloody image to her taxidermy business's Facebook page back in October with the caption "It's hunting season again." It has since been removed, as outrage mounted.

According to The Mirror, the woman claimed that the tiger's owners had asked her to kill him, since he was old.

But this proved to be a flimsy excuse for shooting the animal. "You kill endangered animals for money," Anonymous said in a statement, according to The Mirror. "Despite the massive decline in tigers this hag of a woman feels she is justified in slaughtering another - one which had clearly spent its entire life in a cage."

This isn't the first time Anonymous has stood up for animals. In late November, activists from Anonymous claimed responsibility for a cyber attack that brought down five Icelandic government websites. This was retaliation for the country's stubborn continuation of commercial whaling, despite an international ban.

In retaliation for the tiger's death, in late December, the hacktivists shared the personal details of the woman who shot the tiger and bragged about it. Though the animal is gone forever, now, thanks to Anonymous, the wrong he suffered at the end of his life won't ever be forgotten.

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