This Guy Surprised His Dog By Dressing Up As Her Favorite Toy

She couldn't believe what was happening.

<p>Ben Mesches<span></span></p>
<p>Ben Mesches<span></span></p>

It's not every day that we get to meet our heroes - or, in the case of dogs, a full-sized version of their favorite toy.

This sweet pup named Jolene loves nothing more than to cuddle up with her Gumby doll. So, with that in mind, her owner, Ben Mesches, thought it would be nice to give the dog a sweet surprise by literally dressing up as that famous claymation character of yore.

"Believe it or not, I already had the costume," Mesches told The Dodo.

As you can see in this video of their meeting, Jolene's reaction was perfect.

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After the video ends, of course, Mesches revealed himself as the person beneath the Gumby costume - but Jolene was hardly disappointed.

"She was still very excited for about an hour," Mesches said.

When the dog finally did calm down following the big surprise, she quickly fell asleep with her favorite toy by her side. Says Mesches, "She likes to use him as a pillow. It's really cute."