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Guy Gets Really Angry After His Dog Is Rescued From His Hot Car

<p> Washington County Sheriff's Office </p>

Dogs should never never be left in a car.

And another man now knows this, after a run-in with police this week.

Jeffrey Hagg, of Sherwood, Oregon, is in hot water after allegedly punching a police officer near his car, where he'd left his dog.

A woman passing by a car in a grocery store parking lot noticed a small dog who appeared to be overheating, local news station KGW reports.

After waiting for 10 minutes for the dog's owner to return, the woman finally opened the unlocked door and brought the dog to safety.

When Hagg returned, he apparently got angry at the intervention. Police were called to the scene, and Hagg still didn't calm down. He allegedly pushed and punched an officer, and was taken into custody. Meanwhile, the dog was brought to stay with Hagg's grown-up son.

Sure, it can be embarrassing to make such a big mistake, but there's no need to get violent.

Washington County Sheriff's Office