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Guilty Dogs Are Thrilled To See Dad — Until They Realize HE KNOWS

A wagging tail cannot hide a guilty conscience.

Pit bulls Missy and Laydie clearly adore their dad, Etienne Harris, and couldn't be happier that he's finally home - but today they are feeling a tad conflicted. Apparently, while Harris was out, the dogs had kept themselves entertained by playing a little too roughly with an article of his clothing. An innocent mistake, perhaps, but one they're none too proud to have made.

Harris seems to take the offense with a grain of salt, sprinkling in some gentle ribbing along with his fatherly affection.

Thankfully, pants can be replaced, but the love of these two beautiful babies cannot.

It's important to note that chewing behavior is often a symptom of anxiousness in dogs left home alone. For more tips on how to alleviate anxiety to make the time spent apart a little easier on everyone, check out the ASPCA's website here.

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