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Lost Cat Is Found Thanks To His Grumpy Face

Sure, Luc might not appear to be the type of cat who's very easily impressed - but even he, with that perfect sourpuss face, would have to admit there's something quite special about how he was reunited with his owners after going missing this week.

In fact, his grumpy-looking mug is actually a central part of the story.

On Tuesday, Alex Shebar and his girlfriend, Shamaine Watson, were walking near their home in London when a "lost cat" poster stopped them dead in their tracks. It wasn't that they recognized the kitty pictured there, but rather that his appearance was so very striking.

"We said to each other, 'Aww, look at the grumpy cat,'" Shebar told The Dodo. "He looked like the kind of cat you wouldn't want to mess with. He was very hard to miss."

That cat, of course, was Luc. And thanks in not small part to his perma-scowl, he stuck in Shebar and Watson's minds when they, moments later, rounded the corner and heard meowing.

"We looked down, and there's the cat sitting there - same grumpy face, same angry look," Shebar said. "It was like something we thought couldn't actually be happening. You never expect to find a lost cat like that. But here he was just sitting there."

While Watson stayed with Luc - who turned out to be really sweet and affectionate despite, well, you know - Shebar returned to the poster and dialed up the number printed on it. Within minutes, the lost cat's worry-stricken owners were there to reunite with their pet.

"They were thrilled, and the cat was super happy to see them, too," said Shebar. "If we hadn't stopped to look at the poster, we wouldn't have made the connection. So the fact that we were able to reunite them feels wonderful."

Well, it's hard not to smile at that happy ending ...

... for most of us, anyway.