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10 Pets Who Haven't Quite Gotten Into The Whole 'Holiday Spirit' Thing

1. "Bah humbug."

(Reddit: bstans)

2. "'Ho, ho, ho'? More like, 'Ho, ho, NO.'"


3. "Here's what I think of that suspicious tree monster."


4. "Absolutely not."

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6. "You expect me to WALK in this stuff?"

(Reddit: fishbulb323)

7. "I have decided I do not approve of snow. Now let me in."

(Reddit: ohnati)

8. "I'll NEVER pose for your Christmas photo!"

(Reddit: ZacSimmo)

9. " ... If you're making me Santa, I'm giving you coal."

(Reddit: solidcopy)

10. "I decided these decorations were TOO FLASHY, so I destroyed them."

(Reddit: doubleh106)

Always keep in mind that, in general, it's best to not dress your pet up in costumes, as it might make them uncomfortable or stressed. However, comfortable sweaters can sometimes be beneficial, as they offer warmth for small or elderly dogs. Please ensure that your pet stays safe this holiday season by checking out these tips from the ASPCA.