Rescued Greyhound Finally Gets To Race Around Just For Fun

In January 2016, greyhound Ziggy Stardog was rescued and welcomed into her new family.

Ziggy is a goofy, energetic dog who absolutely LOVES her new life.

Ziggy lives with her new brother, another rescue greyhound named Bear, and the two are always getting into all sorts of adventures together.

This special family also fosters greyhounds who were rescued, likely from a life of dog racing. There are still over 20 greyhound racing tracks open in the U.S., and since 2008, over 80,000 greyhounds have entered the racing industry, according to the ASPCA. Sadly, many don't make it out, so rescuing and adopting these dogs is super important.

Ziggy loves discovering all the fun things about her new life, so when she found a sandpit she had never explored before, she was super excited to try it out.

When she realized that it was the softest and most fun thing EVER, she went just a little nuts.

Ziggy had an absolute blast running and digging in the sandpit, and her brother Bear joined in as soon as he saw how much fun she was having. Clearly Ziggy is super happy about her new life, and I'm sure the fun adventures will only continue!

April is national Adopt a Greyhound month! If you'd like to add a greyhound, or another furry friend, to your family, check out to get started.