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Grab These Tropical Pet Toys To Celebrate That Summer’s Finally Here

And they’re almost all under $20 😎

target sun squad cat surf shack house

The weather’s finally warming up, and you’re at the end of what probably feels like the longest winter ever for you and your pets. (Did we even go outside last year?)

There’s no better way to shake off that musty cabin-fever feeling than to celebrate all things summer — and you can start by treating your dog or cat to a new toy or treat that just screams sunny days and poolside lounging.

Not only will most of these items from Target’s new Sun Squad line give you an excuse to get outside, but they’re so bright and colorful that you’ll perk up just seeing them around the house. And to make things even better, they’re almost all $20 and under.

What’s not to love?

Warm Tie-Dye Collapsible Dog Bowl
A collapsible water bowl is an absolute must for summer. Dogs (and adventurous cats) can easily get overheated and dehydrated, and this bowl will let you give them a drink whenever you need to. There’s even a handy clip so you can attach it to a leash or keyring. Plus, the color is basically rainbow sherbet, aka the most summery treat in the world.
Flamingo Rope Dog Toy
This flamingo rope toy is a little bit creepy with his leggy stance, but he’s also pretty cute. Your pup will love playing with him outside while you cool off on a lounge chair with an icy drink. Just remember to always supervise your pup with any rope toy to make sure he doesn’t ingest part of it!
Stripe Cooling Dog Mat
A lot of people don’t realize there are dog beds specifically made for summer and for cooling off pups — and this bed does just that. Since dogs can easily get dehydrated while playing outside, it’s important to give them a spot where they can relax in the shade if they get overheated. This bed features a gel insert that you can pop in the fridge or freezer to keep the bed deliciously chilly on hot days. And those stripes will totally pop against a bright green lawn.
Watermelon and Pineapple Slice Dog Toy
This affordable toy pack features two mouthwatering slices of pineapple and watermelon for your pup to play with. They also contain a squeaker for extra fun. Just note that this set is designed for small pups, and isn’t recommended for super aggressive chewers.
Cool Tie-Dye Collapsible Dog Bowl
Here’s another bowl for those who prefer a calming pool-colored palette — basically guaranteed to cool you off just by looking at it.
Shark Dog Toy
This summery plush toy features a shark enjoying his day at the beach with a little hat and an ice cream cone. It’s designed for use on land or in water, and will float in a pool for extra fun.
Flying Disc Dog Toy
There are a lot of frisbees out there, but this lightweight disc comes in a tropical palette and floats in a pool for double duty. Plus, it’s only $5!
Surf Shop 2-Story Cat Scratch House
If you want to spoil your cat, why not try this over-the-top surf shack slash hidey-hole slash scratching mat? You’ll love the adorable, acceptably kitchy summer design. Your cat won’t notice any of that, but he’ll love sharpening his claws on the floor and roof perch, and hiding in it when he’s in a mood.
Plastic Dog Bowl
This super bright plastic food or water bowl is a perfect option for out on the lawn or by the pool so your pup can always grab a cool drink of water. Plus, it kind of looks like a watermelon, which is just so summer.
Reversible Cooling Dog and Cat Bandana
Your dog or cat will be as irresistible as a cold slice of watermelon in this summer-weight bandana. And not only is it adorable, but you can run it under cold water and wring it out before putting it on your pet so it acts like a little AC unit to keep him cool.
Colorblock Tennis Ball Dog Toy
Tennis balls are a summertime must-have, and you can never have enough of them. (Where do they all go?) But aren’t you sick of that boring old neon green? This bright pair will liven up your usual game of fetch — and they’re colorful enough that you’ll always be able to find them again.
Silicone Dog Leash
Switching out leashes is a great (and affordable) way to make the daily chore of walking your pup feel a bit fresher. This summery leash is made of silicone so it’s lightweight, and comes in a cool but tropical aqua green color. Plus, it has a handy D-ring for attaching your keys or poop bag holder (or one of the collapsible water bowls above)!
Dog and Cat 'Surf Summer' Tank Top
Does your dog even surf? This laid-back muscle tank will keep your pup cool and stylish — while impressing everyone with his chill Cali vibes.
Blue Leaf Soft Mesh Dog Harness
Looking for a harness to go with your new leash? This soft harness comes in a tropical leaf print — so Insta-worthy — with two D-rings for secure leash attachment. The mesh fabric is designed to be extra breathable to keep your pup cool on even the hottest summer days.
Surf Shop Basic Cat Scratch House
If you’re looking for a cat house but your cat just isn’t ready to run his own surf empire, this laid-back surf shack might be a better option. It’s great for cats who like to hide over climb, or small kittens who need something more their size.
The Better Options Company Blue Lazy Dog Pool Lounger
Is your dog always stealing your pool float, and you’re worried about him destroying it with those pokey nails of his? This sturdy float is designed just for him. Fitting pups up to 110 pounds, it’s made from extra-strong material and a foam base that won’t puncture or fade. It’s also designed for him to easily climb onto, and can work in lakes or rivers as well.
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