Zoo Gorilla Teaches Little Girl How To Give People The Finger

A trip to the zoo proved surprisingly educational for one little girl. We're not sure if she really learned anything significant about animals, but she did gain a bit of knowledge about the bird.

While stopping by the gorilla exhibit, young Riley Madison came face to face with one of our primate cousins who, judging from his raised middle finger, wasn't too thrilled with being gawked at. The adorable child, however, seemed to take it as a lesson and proceeded to mimic the gorilla's rude hand gesture.

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Chances are, of course, that the gorilla was as unaware as Riley about what a raised middle finger means, but the animal's likely-unintentional message wasn't lost on mom.

"You think he's trying to tell us something?" she asked. He's unhappy about his life in captivity, perhaps?