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Google Street View Just Got WILD

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Elephants are as beautiful as they are vulnerable - and now you can see them up close through Google Maps in probably the best Street View ever conceived.

It's not just a whimsy to see elephants through Street View. Google teamed up with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Save the Elephants to launch #GoogleElephants to raise awareness about the current plight of elephants.

"For the first time in Kenya, Google has launched its Street View technology in one of a kind partnership to raise global consciousness around elephants," Lewa wrote on its Facebook page. "The Street View technology will provide panoramic views of individual elephants and their landscapes, as well as stunning imagery from Lewa."

Through Street View, you can see the elephant orphans at the conservancies and the wild landscapes of Sanburu National Reserve in Kenya. Advances in this kind of technology are helping people track the movements of the herds and understand the threats facing elephants today.

Elephants are being killed in record numbers due to rampant poaching for their ivory. An elephant is poached an average of every 15 minutes, making it a distinct possibility these majestic animals could disappear entirely in our lifetime.

Learn more about tracking elephants and Google Maps here:

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