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Good Gift Giving For Pets And Parents

โ€˜Tis the season for giving and there is no better way to warm the heart of your pet loving friend than a gift that shows appreciation for their furry friends.

Pet Purchases

When purchasing for a pet, keep in mind the different needs of different animals. The size and age of your friend's pet is important when selecting an appropriate treat. A small ball can be fun for a cat or puppy, but could become a choking hazard for a large adult dog. Besides size, you also need to think about the chewing needs of the pet. If you've played with your friend's dog, you probably know how strong the dog's jaw is. Match the strength of rubber toys to the strength of the dog. The hours of chewing will be the true gift for the pet and your friend!

Soft toys can provide comfort to animals if well chosen. Cats love batting around soft mice while dogs tend to want to destroy noise makers and decorations on their fuzzy toys. Play with soft toys yourself to feel the quality of the material that protects these toy accessories. Pass up toys with embellishments such as eyes and noses that feel easy to remove by hand as well as arms, ears or other body parts that are not sewn on well enough for Fido.

Pet Parent Purchases

Pet parents will be appreciative of gifts for them that show consideration for their animals. Advances in technology make wireless gifts easy to find while getting rid of the wires that can cause problems for pets. It's also a good time to remind you that seasonal gifts such as poinsettias and amaryllis plants can be poisonous to pets. Chocolate is known for its potential problems, but raisins and certain nuts can also cause health problems that are no treat for pets or their owners. The safest gift is a donation to a local animal shelter. Your pet lover friend will be happy knowing they have made life a little easier for shelter animals this holiday season.

Whatever gift you choose, the thought you put into choosing a gift that demonstrates thought for your friend's furry family members will be sure to warm their heart as much as their pet warms their home.