Dog Saves Unconscious Bird, Is Clearly A Very Good Boy

This pup deserves all the treats.

This is Diamond — a little dog with a very big heart.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

Recently, the Jack Russell terrier was at home in Iceland with his dad, Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson, when he saw something outside that had him very concerned. Gunnar was at the computer doing some work at the time when he noticed Diamond walk in, whine, then turn back around as if to lead him somewhere. He insisted on not being ignored.

"When I didn't follow, he came back and whined some more," Gunnar told The Dodo. "I knew he didn't need to do his business, as we had just been for a walk, so finally I gave in and followed him."

Diamond, now running, led his dad straight to the balcony where a small bird was lifeless on the ground.

"I immediately thought the bird was dead, so I called Diamond inside," Gunnar said. "Then I thought I saw the bird blink an eye."

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

Gunnar brought out a basket and a sheet of paper to scoop up the possibly dead animal, but as he did, the bird flittered to life. Seeing the bird was weak and dazed, he brought him inside to recover.

"I gave him some water and some birdseed I had. After an hour or so, I was going to set him free, but wanted to take some pictures first, so I put it in my open palm and took some snaps," said Gunnar. "Then he flew a big circle in my living room and landed back ... right on top of Diamond's head!"

The bird was apparently more than comfortable with the dog who saved him, understanding, perhaps, what a very good boy he is.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

After a few moments atop his pup perch, the bird took flight again and landed on a shelf. Gunnar picked him up to make sure he didn't hurt himself indoors.

"That's when Diamond came nose to beak to the bird and then he started licking him," he said. "The poor bird had to flick his wings a few times to keep his balance, but could have flown away any time if he wanted to."

Gunnar named the bird Bíbí.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

Seeing that Bíbí seemed to be recovered, Gunnar placed him back out on the balcony. But apparently, he wasn't ready to go quite yet.

"More than an hour later I looked outside and saw the bird exactly where I had put him," Gunnar said. "So I went outside again and picked him up gently and put him back in the basket, with an added bite of sweet potato as well."

Bíbí stayed overnight indoors while Diamond kept watch.

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

With that added rest, things went more smoothly, Gunnar said:

"I set the bird free around lunchtime the day after and then he flew after a few seconds in my hand, getting some orientation obviously. And boy, did he fly high up ... surely looking for some new adventures."

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

It's impossible to say, of course, whether Bíbí will remember the sweet pup who saved his life — but Diamond clearly hasn't forgotten him.

"A while after the bird had gone, I said to Diamond: 'Where is Bíbí?'" recalled Gunnar. "He looked at me, very sharply, then he ran directly to the balcony door and jumped on the arm of the sofa, to look out. He knew exactly what I was talking about."

Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson

Who's a good boy? You are, Diamond.