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Clever Dog Knows Exactly How To Speed Up Trip To The Dog Park

<p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IkCdR_SLls" target="_blank">YouTube/JasonEphraim</a></p>

Baxter is so smart that he knows he can't go to the dog park with his leash hanging out of the trunk, so he very politely holds it in his mouth and waits to get going.


But his goofy brother Pluto isn't so quick to catch on. Look at him over there, just wiggling around with his leash all over the place ...

"Come on Pluto, just do what I'm doing, we're talking about GOING TO THE DOG PARK."


Finally Baxter realizes that Pluto does't get it, so he decides to give his brother a hand ... er, paw.

Watch him put down his own leash and pull Pluto's into the trunk so the door can close!


This is a reminder to all pet parents that your animals are keen observers, and even if you think they're not watching, they're probably paying really close attention to what you're doing.

See the whole video here: