Elephants Can't Reach Water Because People Want To Play Golf

People wanted to play golf - and their hobby has already caused the death of three elephants.

YouTube/Sanctuary Photo Library

Even though Kaziranga National Park in India was declared a "no development zone," a 1.2-mile-long wall topped with barbed wire was erected around a golf course plonked down right in the middle of an ancient migration route for elephants.

Watching a herd of disoriented elephants encounter the wall is a truly heartbreaking sight - and the obstruction has proved fatal for these animals.

YouTube/Sanctuary Photo Library

"This wall has effectively obstructed an important elephant corridor, disturbing the movements of the wild pachyderms who use the route to access waterholes and food on the other side," according to Sanctuary Asia, who says that the wall has already claimed the lives of three elephants. One was a 7-year-old male elephant who was "found dead next to the NRL [Numaligarh Refinery Ltd.] boundary wall ... an on spot verification attributed its death to a severe hemorrhage as it desperately tried to break through the wall," Sanctuary Asia wrote.

YouTube/Sanctuary Photo Library

While elephant lovers are trying to fight for the lives of these animals - the issue is currently being heard by India's National Green Tribunal - nothing will bring back the elephants who have already lost their lives because of this unnecessary obstruction.

Take a stand for the rights of these animals to move freely. Add your name to a petition saying this wall is not OK.

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