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Woman Spends $500 To Save The Life Of A Tiny Goldfish

He swallowed something he REALLY shouldn't have.

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A 1-year-old goldfish would have died last week if it weren't for the quick thinking of his owner.

Emma Marsh, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, noticed that her goldfish, Conquer, had begun to choke after he accidentally swallowed a rather large, black pebble from his tank.

No matter how much he tried to spit the pebble back up, Conquer was unable to due to the stone's size. If Marsh hadn't taken him to Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services, he would have eventually died from starvation due to the pebble blocking his airway.

As soon as Conquer arrived at Brisbane Bird and Exotics, veterinarians got to work. In order to remove the stone stuck in his throat, vets first dripped an anesthetic into the same water the goldfish was brought in with.

Upon opening his mouth and getting a good look, medical staff could clearly see the black pebble and an instrument was used to enter Conquer's small mouth ...

... then pull the stone out very slowly.

"After the pebble was dislodged, we moved Conquer into a recovery tank that contains clean water, free from anaesthetic," Brisbane Bird and Exotics wrote on Facebook. "This allowed him to recover uneventfully. He went home the next day and so far has stayed out of any more trouble!"

Marsh, who bought Conquer for only $12, ended up spending a grand total of $500 for the relatively simple procedure - but for Marsh, the price seemed to be no problem when it came to guaranteeing Conquer's health and survival.

"I treat fish like they're any other pet," she told The Courier Mail.

Watch this video about a loyal fish who refused to leave his trapped friend's side: