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Vet Performs Surgery To Save A Sick Little Goldfish

A beloved pet goldfish named Bubbles has been given a fresh start at a happy and healthy life, all thanks to the delicate work of a veterinarian who believed he was very much worth saving.

The 9-year-old fish had been suffering from a tumorous growth on his head. If left untreated, it would make it difficult for him to swim or feed normally. Fortunately, Tristan Rich of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, in Australia, knew just what to do.

Bubbles would need to undergo surgery.

Keeping the fish out of water long enough to complete the operation was no easy task. First, Bubbles was placed in a bucket with anesthetic solution to put him under. Next, a tube was inserted into his mouth so that a steady flow of oxygenated water could be pumped over his gills.

The tumor was now ready to come off.

With all the focus and precision such a procedure requires, the steady-handed surgeon set about performing the intricate operation.

And sure enough, after a few careful snips, the tumor was removed.

"We worked quickly to remove the tumor and sealed the wound with tissue glue," Rich wrote in a Facebook post Facebook post. "Once that had set, Bubbles was placed in the recovery unit and given oxygen. He was also given injections with long-acting pain relief and antibiotics."

Here's Bubbles after the surgery, back to his old self again.

The life of one goldfish might not amount to much for some folks, but it's reassuring to know that there are still people looking out for the well-being of Bubbles - and all the other little creatures like him.