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Golden Retriever Snuggles With Baby Chicks

21-year-old photographer Candice Sedighan specializes in documenting the charming behaviors of her elderly golden retriever, Champ. Recently, the dog's actions only became more endearing after Sedighan rescued a flock of homeless baby chicks and introduced them to Champ, who took to the fluffy yellow birds almost as if they were his own puppies.

"I held one of the chicks in my hand and showed Champ that I was petting it," Sedighan told Today.com. "I could tell from his body language that he wasn't getting too riled up and was just curious.... He was surprisingly very calm and gentle."

Sedighan has since found a home for the chicks -- where they'll be safe from being turned into food, as the young photographer suspected they would have been -- but she said they'll be missed. "The chicks loved to burrow under Champ's fur as it kept them warm just as their mother's feathers would," she said. "I love to joke around and say Champ has ‘adopted' these chicks since he has seemed to take on this motherly duty."