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Golden Retriever Can't Even Handle How Excited He Is For The NFL Season

Georges the Golden Retriever loves watching sports on TV. He gets so giddy, in fact, that he does a little dance every time he sees a game is on. Now that the NFL season has started, it's basically Christmas for this peppy pup.

George knows when the TV comes on to be poised and ready. Annnnd ... YES! It's football!

Georges does a pretty good impression of some sort of adorable pogo stick.

He gets so excited, he goes to grab his toy to celebrate ... but wait a minute. That's not football. Where'd the game go? Who's in charge of the darn remote, anyway?

Phew! Thankfully the channel change is short-lived and Georges can continue to show his love of the game in the most kinetic way possible.

Watch the sports festivities below:

(YouTube: bearaids)