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Little Goat Escapes From Pen To Climb On Her Mule Friend

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No one knows exactly why, for a few moments each day, Rapunzel the mule goes a little crazy.

"She has this time of the day when she just goes wild kicking and chasing everyone on the farm," Mary Beth Kully, owner of Crown Charter Farm, an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, tells The Dodo.

Maybe her outbursts were just sincere expressions of irrepressible joy for having the good fortune to call these green acres home. After all, she had been rescued from the clutches of a slaughterhouse.

Or maybe her inner workings would always be a mystery to everyone but herself.

There was even some concern on the farm about introducing Rapunzel to the other animals.

"We figured she wanted to be social with everybody but we weren't sure what her real intentions were with chasing," Mary Beth explains. "It turns out she likes to be the boss."

Well, that is until a little goat named Luna came along.

One day, Luna managed to slip out of her pen.

"She's always been so brave and looking for adventure," Mary Beth says. "She just jumped through a small little window between the two sheep pens. We didn't think that was possible."

Not long after that, she was found in the last place anyone expected to see her.

On Rapunzel's back.

Before long, Luna began spending much of her time on Rapunzel's back. And the mule was ever accommodating of her little rider.

In fact, Rapunzel will often stand near an object that acts like a step for Luna to climb aboard.

"Now, she'll do it from the ground," Mary Beth says. "She'll get a little bit of a running jump. It's amazing.

"She's determined to do it over and over again, if she's not successful at first."

But the surreal scenes from Crown Charter Farm didn't end there. Luna has a twin brother named Atlas, who likes to do everything his sister does.

So it didn't take long for Atlas to get in on the action. Atlas boards the farm's other sturdy mount - a donkey named Barnie.

"Now, they're all friends," says Mary Beth's daughter, Grace. "It just worked out really, really well."

Crown Charter Farm

Indeed, it seems both Rapunzel the unruly mule and Barnie the shy donkey have borne a lot of burdens in their lives.

But these tiny goats are no trouble at all.

Today, Crown Charter Farm is home to a family of rescued animals, including a mule, a goat and orphaned lambs. If you would like to help support its efforts to save more animals, consider making a donation here.