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One Of These Dogs Isn't A Dog At All

There's no life like a happy dog's life - and one lucky pygmy goat is getting in on the fun.

Hobo was rescued by Hillcrest Animal Hospital after he was found wandering through Chorley, U.K., last August. The hospital posted to Facebook seeking information about the undernourished goat's origins.

When no one came forward to claim him, doggie daycare owner Tracy Flowers came to Hobo's rescue, adding him to her big, happy fam of rescue animals. (Currently, Flowers has two other pygmy goats, five dogs, 14 chickens and a parrot.)

Now, Hobo is living the good life - but hanging with his goat brethren isn't his activity of choice. Instead, Hobo prefers to spend time with Flowers' dogs.

The goat especially loves to take walks, both with his dog siblings and foster dogs from nearby Rochdale Dog Rescue, where Flowers often fosters adoptable pups.

"Hobo now comes out for a walk with the dogs every day and he will obediently stay with me even if he is off the lead," Flowers told the Daily Mail. Most other dogs don't realize he's actually a goat, she explained. In fact, some people don't even notice.

"One lady came over to me and asked, what breed of dog is that that looks so much like a goat?" Flowers said.

Fortunately, Hobo doesn't seem to mind. He's too busy being a dog.

Flowers has acquired a special permit from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to walk Hobo in nearby Worden Park. He is the only goat to have received this privilege.

If you're ready to open your home to a rescue animal, visit your local shelter or check out adoptable animals at Adopt-a-Pet.com.