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Man Finds An Animal In The Front Seat Of Car ... And It's Not A Dog

Maybe he just had a need for speed? Or mischief? Either way, this is something you don't see every day.

On Sunday, John Miller shared what he saw at a Home Depot parking lot in Oxford, Massachusetts: none other than a goat with curved horns sitting in the driver's seat of a car. (Not his car, mind you.)

Check out this clip to see just exactly what this goat was up to behind the steering wheel:

"I think it's a goat," Miller says to his female companion at one point in the video. "It's a goat in a car ... that is awesome."

Granted, an animal left alone in a locked car is reason for concern, especially during the summer. But the full story behind the seemingly random goat unfolded on Miller's Facebook page. The goat's owner, Ashley Robertson, messaged Miller to explain the situation.

"I picked him up from a farm that I brought an alpaca to (yes, I put an alpaca and 3 kids in the back of a mini van lol) and had to stop at Home Depot on my way home for a piece to fix my leaky toilet," she clarified. "I don't normally drive around with a goat in my car haha."

Robertson says the rescued goat remained in the car for only about 10 minutes and that while she was gone, the goat turned on her hazard lights, drank an old cup of McDonald's soda, ate a Nutty Bar (along with its wrapper) and pooped in the driver's seat.

Robertson, unfortunately, didn't check the seat before getting in her car.

On the bright side, this goat now has a new family with plenty of love to spare. Robertson proved as much when she shared this sweet photo of the goat with his new siblings.

Facebook/John Miller

It turns out that car goat was more than alright.

Miller's comment in the video perfectly summarizes the entire situation: "I feel like I'm in an Adam Sandler skit."